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This article contains Fuga: Melodies of Steel spoilers, continue at your own risk.

Wappa Charlotte is a main character in Fuga: Melodies of Steel. They are one of 12 children who board the Taranis to save their parents from abduction. In Wappa's case, however, it's to save her village.


Wappa is a happy-go-lucky, positive girl, she has been on her own from a young age. She is typically carefree but hates to lose. She often switches into Leader mode.

Wappa is a red-haired Spaniel Caninu. She wears blue overalls with a white shirt, along with a bag draped around her shoulders.


Early Life

Wappa lived a peaceful life in a tiny village, though she preferred spending time in her own treehouse. She considered herself the "leader" of the village kids, causing chaos and mischief and having fun among the rowdy younglings. Because she was away, when the Berman army attacked, she was ignored, though she was definitely aware of the attack. She wanted to aid her friends, but had no idea how.

"Leading" a New Crowd

Wappa continued to stay in her treehouse until the Taranis passed by and accidentally got stuck in her tree, destroying it and her home. Horrified, the kids made to check if anyone was hurt and found her. Seeing a chance to aid her friends, Wappa forces herself aboard the Taranis and names herself their leader, much to Malt's displeasure.


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After the War

Canonically, Wappa and her friends all survive the war. She returns home a hero, and the kids in her village call her their leader. She continues to cause chaos alongside them, though nobody really minds.

Unfortunately for her, history does not consider her the Taranis' leader. That honor goes to Malt, with him eventually becoming the namesake of the Shepherd Republic.


Wappa is unusual among the kids. Her stats aren't anything special among the Cannoneers, but she specializes in another way: Link Attacks. On a new file, even from the moment she joins the team, Wappa is Link Level 2 with all the other kids and has access to all of their link attacks. She has skills that allow her to quickly fill up her link gauge, and her support ability increases the fill rate of her partner's link gauge. Wappa isn't particularly impressive on her own, but leveling up her affinities with the crew and attending to her needs will allow you easily and constantly devastate the enemy with the Taranis' most powerful attacks.

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