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Waffle Ryebread is a Caninu living on the island of Porto in the Prairie Kingdom and is the main protagonist of Tail Concerto. He is an officer of the Prairie Police who has been assigned to looking over his hometown and arresting the Black Cats Gang.


Waffle is a responsible and courageous Caninu who enjoys working for the law. Despite his respectable mannerisms he has a slight tendency to get sassy with others. His spunkier side is physically shown through his backwards policemen cap, which when compared to other officers of Prairie seems somewhat rebellious. He is fairly oblivious to flirtatious signals, especially those from both Princess Terria and Alicia Pris.

Waffle has cream-colored fur and amber hair. His ears are pointed and his tail is fluffy & curled. While his specific breed of Caninu was never disclosed in Tail Concerto, Kadenz ~closing melody~ states that Waffle is at most part-wolf as he has wolf genes in his heritage & is able to perform attacks with Nono.


In Tail Concerto


Waffle is Tail Concerto's controllable protagonist. His main means of transportation and defense in this title is the Police Robo which can grab enemies, toss objects, shoot bubbles, fly, and grab onto ledges, giving Waffle a multitude of abilities that wouldn't be possible on foot. The Police Robo is also able to attach to his police airship which gives him the ability to fly across sky islands.

In the beginning of the story it's shown that Waffle once had a close relationship to Alicia during their younger years.

In Solatorobo

Waffle serves a minor role in Solatorobo's side missions. Red Savarin first encounters both him & Panta during the "Reinforcing Patrol" mission where all three seek to drive out a recent wave of sky pirates around the Davren Islands.

Waffle is often seen chasing down the Black Cats Gang throughout the story, much to Alicia's supposed dismay. He also accompanies Mamoru-kun (character) to teach basic safety lessons to the Basset orphanage in one of the game's downloadable quests.