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Vizsla is a sky island in the Shepherd Republic and was originally a part of the Free Lands of Gasco's single continent. It is historically a home to many insects and fungi.


Vizsla, known back then as the Province of Vizsla, was a seemingly untouched area in Gasco. Only one main road was present in the Kurilia Forest. It was possibly a large home to those of the Anju religion as when the Berman Empire destroys and occupies the land, many broken Anju Icons can be found broken & strewn throughout the forests.

A small piece of Vizsla had managed to survive the blasts from Vanargand and had become a part of the Shepherd Republic some time after. The climate remained mostly the same and became much more occupied by villagers. In modern times, the insects are perceived to be common pests to both Caninus and Felinekos as their main export is the Scarabees' honey.

Insectology & Botany

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