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Red Savarin is the main protagonist of Solatorobo.


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  • During the early concept stages of Solatorobo, Red was originally named Blue simply because he wore blue clothing. "Red" was supposed to be a temporary name due to the change of his wardrobe, but it eventually stuck as his official name.
  • Red's surname "Savarin" is a french crown shaped cake soaked with kirsch syrup.
  • The reason to why Red's upper clothing disappears during Trance is because they're crafted from "newly reformed nanomachines". As he enters Trance, the bonds of the nanomachines break apart and then restore themselves as he reverts back into a Caninu.
  • The second-to-last design of Red, which was conceptualized by WAKA, is still used for the final game's 3D model of the character. Every other graphic for him uses the final design created by Nobuteru Yūki. WAKA's & Yuki Kaneyama's cut-in portraits for this previous design can still be found in the game's files.
  • The scars he got his body and face are addressed in "Red Data Children" novel. The scars were something Red received when he was very young. In order to restore Red's sanity, who was losing control due to being in Trance, Rose snapped Red's sword, and the fragments cut into him, which caused the scarring.