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Québec (ゲベック Gebeku) is a minor character in Solatorobo. He is a retired Kurvaz Hunter who appears most often in Airedale.


Québec, despite his gruff appearance, is a fairly laid back and humorous type of person. In the past he was shown to be a bit more stern but still very caring for his comrades. This softer side of him is still present when he's around Chocolat Gelato.

Québec is a tall tiger Felineko. His two layers of white fur flare out more than any other tiger's shown in Little Tail Bronx, giving him an aged appearance. There's been one instance where he's shown without his large white mane in the art book Solatorobon, implying that he trims or shaves it off during hotter seasons. He has many black stripes including a couple bordering his nose, which give the appearance of facial hair. He suffers from a missing eye and a crippled right leg. Both injuries were caused by Nero shooting both body parts.

Despite no longer being a hunter, Québec still wears hunter attire.


In Bitter Rain

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In Solatorobo

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  • Since Québec is always keeping a sharp eye on Chocolat, the development team has made it clear that "he is in no way a lolicon".
    • The story Bitter Rain confirms that he knew Chocolat's father, Cacao Gelato, which would explain why he watches out for Chocolat.
  • Québec can be seen wearing what appears to be a ruby ring in his in-game portrait art, though it's not present in his concept art nor overworld sprite.