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Petit Mona is a village in Fuga: Melodies of Steel. It is where the first six children aboard the Taranis begin their adventure.


Petit Mona was a mid-size village in the remote northwest region of Gasco. Due to its relative isolation, news reached the village slowly through newspapers, so radios were the main source of information for the populace.

The village was home to Malt Marzipan, his sister Mei, Hanna Fondant, Kyle Bavarois, Socks Million, and Boron Brioche. All the children and their families lived in harmony until the Berman Empire invaded & destroyed the village, kidnapping all the adults on top of it. The children would run off to the cave in the Terre-Neuve Forest and activate the Taranis, which aids them in running off the Berman away from a perished Petit Mona.

Petit Mona managed to survive the destruction caused by Vanargand as the children living there previously return to their original homes along with their parents.