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Panta ( パンタくん, Panta-kun) is Waffle Ryebread's partner and supporting character in Tail Concerto. He supports Waffle in his mission the Black Cats Gang as the game's savepoint.


Panta is always on the side of the law. He's often seen attempting to thwart the Black Cats Gang without too much success. No matter how many boxes he gets stuffed into, though, he's always raring to give serving justice another go. By this alone it's obvious that Panta is a dependable & dedicated officer.

As all officers in Prairie are, Panta is well equipped and uniformed for his job. On his back is his radio which is how he can save the player's progress throughout Tail Concerto (in-game this is played off as communicating HQ). His body is much more simplistic when compared to most other characters as he lacks a nose, has fully colored ears and only has nubs for paws.

Panta is, so far, the shortest main character of the Little Tail Bronx series barely standing at 3 ft.. His height is an insecurity of his as revealed when he wishes he was as tall as Waffle, who had just been hit on by Princess Terria. Panta is also one of the very few main characters who were purposefully not given an exact age, which brings the question of if he's actually old enough to be working in the police force.

In Tail Concerto

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  • According to those in Solatorobo's development team, Panta's true race was a common mystery. Some even claim that he's a different life-form. This is all due to him not possessing a nose.