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Opéra Kranz (オペラ・クランツ Opera Kurantsu) is the head of Kurvaz's Special Operations Unit, and pilots the Tiamat-FL.


Always optimistic and rather domineering, Opéra is flashy & self-worshiping and speaks with an imperious drawl. She will do just about anything she wants, but she does know when things are going too far. Despite her optimistic front she seems to take great offense in being called a "hag", implying she may be older than most of the cast.

Opéra is a Russian Blue Felineko with peach-colored fur, purple ears, and long lavender hair. She wears a lavender outfit with three zippers, along with a black catsuit and purple socks. The arms and socks, along with the outfit have blue stripes with spikes protruding outward from them. Opéra also carries a lavender fan with the Kurvaz pawprint logo on it. Her tail is lavender with a purple tip and her eyes are red. She wears blue eye shadow and has red stripes on her cheeks.


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  • In early concept art, Opéra was originally going to be Fool's daughter and a villain.
  • While never shown or mentioned throughout Solatorobo, Opéra possesses the qualities to cast ice-based magic. This is because all Felineko have the ability to tap into magical powers.[1]