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Nyanja is a young ninja thief of Nipon. She and Monja are always on the lookout for any treasure to steal. She is one of Mamoru's rivals in the Mamoru-kun series.


Nyanja is the leader of a band of thieves who cause trouble here and there. She uses ninjutsu to appear out of nowhere and has great athleticism, though she's also a clumsy girl who will often make mistakes. Nyanja has a whimsical & mischievous personality and will act in the spur of the moment. She also has a tendency to appear more intelligent than she actually is, using incorrect knowledge and big words, something Monja will get on her over.

One day, Nyanja steals the Golden Seal and breaks the Earth Dragon free.

Nyanja is a purple Felineko dressed in a ninja-samurai fusion outfit. Around her neck is a bell collar that matches her red waist belt. Her eyes are red and on her cheeks are swirly blush marks that resemble narutomaki. Her hair is yellow-ish with darkened tips, with four large locks flowing from the back of her head and a cowlicked fringe on her forehead.