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Merveille Million is a supporting character in Solatorobo.


As a scientist, Merveille has a rather logical-thinking and distanced personality at the beginning of Solatorobo's story, but becomes more open and caring for the group around Red in the progressing of their adventure. She seems to show remorse for her past doings.

Merveille is a Collie Caninu with light peach fur and long yellow hair. She dresses in rose a colored shirt and pants, both decorated with golden patterns around the cuffs and neck. She has dark greenish-blue eyes and glasses.


She worked alongside Baion to create the Hybrids, among whom Nero, Blanck, Red, Rose, Rouge, Vermillon and Carmine. In the process of creating Red she purposefully created him to be a failure so that he may get help and evolve. She released Red along with the Dahak-AZI03 so that he may live instead of being exterminated by Baion. She eventually left Baion and lived as Bruno's secretary.



  • In an early concept scenario, Merveille was planned to be killed off a hybrid in the second part of the game. However, because of killing off another major deemed to be a little too dark. And Kemonoguchi, a script writer for Solatorobo, did not like the idea, as Merveille was one of his favorite characters.
  • In an early design, she had a pair of colored rounded sunglasses placed on her chest.