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This article contains Fuga: Melodies of Steel spoilers, continue at your own risk.

Mau is home to a historical society of Felineko who train to master Nono magic. It is part of the Shepherd Republic in Solatorobo and was originally a part of the Free Lands of Gasco in Fuga: Melodies of Steel.


When Mau was a part of the large continent of Gasco, the place appeared much more arid and had more prominent upside-down wolf statues.

During the Berman invasion, Mau was nearly wiped of its Felineko population and became a large prison camp. The camp was ultimately made to be Doktor Blutwurst's playground where he conducted many torturous experiments that contributed to Shvein Hax's Bio-Energy battery plan. The camp was then broken into by the children aboard the Taranis and soon became abandoned. While some Felineko survived the experiments, many had already been drained of their life.

After Vanargand awakens and fragments Gasco into an archipelago, Mau would become part of the Shepherd Republic some centuries later. The climate of the village became greener though far windier. The prominence of the Oshilasama belief had also risen, with most if not all of its inhabitants being devout followers.


Mau has always been populated by Felinekos, with Caninus being very few to none. The land is well known for being a prominent training ground for male Mauians following the Oshilasama belief. Female Mauians are prohibited from entering the training grounds, however, and overall appear to have less rights in the region. It is very rare for male Caninus to undergo training.

Male Mauians are not considered "real men" until they have completed their training in mastering Nono. To master these skills in Mau requires going through vigorous tasks such as dodging dangerous obsticals and most commonly focus training.