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Mamoru is the titular protagonist of the Mamoru-kun safety awareness program. He is a young Caninu who is following in his father's footsteps by wanting to be a Rescue Ranger. He also has a rivalry with the ninja thieves Nyanja and Monja.



Mamoru has a few important pieces of equipment on his person.

  • Transmission Whistle - Mamoru's whistle is attached to the collar on his neck. The whistle is connected to rubber-like bands that can extend and retract from the collar. This whistle is connected to the Crystal Tower in the center of his town. When blown, the whistle transmits whatever information Mamoru needs to get out to the Crystal Tower, then the tower broadcasts the information into the minds of every person in the town.
  • Firefighting Gun - The backpack contains a compressor that allows the water stored in the tanks to be ejected at high pressures. The valve on the top adjusts the pressure of the water.

In Solatorobo



  • The name Mamoru (守る) means "to protect; to guard; to defend"