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Little Tail Bronx is a series of video games created by CyberConnect2. Each entry focuses on a different story while taking place within the same world. The world is inhabited by anthropomorphic cats and dogs who reside in sky islands & develop all sorts of robotic technology and aircraft.

Little Tail Bronx is a vast and detailed series, so feel free to explore the wiki starting from these five main entries!

How You Can Support the Series

The Little Tail Bronx series is still ongoing and occasionally sees activity from CC2. These include game updates and merchandise. Below is a list of links to the company's social media and their stores. We encourage fans old & new to support their work in any way possible in hopes that they continue making content for the series.

If you'd like to see more kemono works from CC2, be sure to check out Kemono CC2! An article for the project can be seen here.

CyberConnect2's website
CyberConnect2's Montreal division
CyberConnect2's Twitter
International Merchandise Store