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Little Tail Bronx is a world that is populated by two races, the Caninu (dog-people) and Felineko (cat-people) which consists of floating islands. It serves as the main setting for Tail Concerto, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, and all spin-off material related to the games. The entire series is considered to be CyberConnect2's passion project

While the series' trademark characteristics such as the sky islands & use of robots were first established in Tail Concerto, it wouldn't be until Solatorobo and Mamoru-kun (to a small extent) when CyberConnect2 would proceed to flesh out the lore that's still referred to in later titles and novels.


While cultures vary between major sky islands and even between Caninus and Felinekos, Little Tail Bronx does have some basic culture seen throughout its world.


Meals are eaten three times a day: Morning, noon, and evening. Staples include meat, which are made from giu and birds, fish, which includes both those who live underwater and the sky (as a delicacy), insects, who are most popular to those living outside of cities, and bread. Fruits are eaten as desserts or used as ingredients for sweets while vegetables are only ever used as a garnish. Felinekos will eat grass-like vegetables to more easily spit out hairballs.

Dishes & More[]

  • Seasonings - For seasonings there is salt, pepper, vinegar, and sugar. There are also spices such as chili pepper
  • Noodles - The most common way noodles are made is with fish meat. They can be served in a broth or as chilled dipping noodles.
  • Soup - Soups can be served in a countless amount of ways with complex flavors made from ingredients such as meat, seafood, insects, spices, etc.. It is said that each family's soup has its own unique taste, making it a popular family meal.
  • Pastries - Pastries such as cakes, cookies, candies, and more can be found throughout the world.
  • Processed food - Processed foods can be found in various forms such as canned meat & fish, boilable cans, fish paste, and even jarred honey.


When it comes to consuming insects, some beetles and grasshoppers are edible. Snacks most common in the countryside include live insects covered in nectar, which are packed tightly into clay containers and eaten with a plain stick (or alternatively a stick covered in honey). Sticky insect snacks are a traditional treat amongst rural children yet are rejected by most urbanites.[1]


There are two known major religions which are the Anju and Oshilasama faiths. The Anju religion is followed mostly by Caninu and Oshilasama is mainly followed by Felineko.

History & Timeline[]

The majority of Little Tail Bronx's history was established during the release of Solatorobo, where CyberConnect2 provided a comprehensive timeline of the world's biggest events. More history was written in Fuga to fill the gap between the Reset and Hundred Lilies War.

Below is a rundown of Little Tail Bronx's complete timeline with the current present time being where post-Solatorobo events take place.

Timeline is collapsable

The Reset[]

  • 3050 years ago (Early 21st Century AD) - Juno is discovered on Earth.
    • The XII Owls are organized by the Australian government.
    • Yurlungur is created as the personality AI for the Australian Ace.
    • A specific group of scientists begin to rebel against Juno being used as massive war weapons and create "pseudo-Juno" to retaliate.
    • The Taranis, a pseudo-Juno tank, is created.
    • Jeanne is created to be the Taranis' personality AI.
    • The Taranis has its first battle with the Tarascus and Vanargand. The former tank is then immediately sealed away.
    • Due to the sudden shut down, Jeanne splits into two personalities.
    • World War III happens, the Earth is devastated.
  • 3000 years ago (21st Century AD) - The Reset activates.
    • Baion is cryogenically frozen.
    • Humanity is completely wiped out.
    • All living beings are physically wiped out from existence, their data is stored into the Juno.
    • Large chunks of Earth are hurled into the sky, becoming sky islands.
    • Yurlungur creates a new humanity with the Caninu and Felineko.
    • New fauna begin to emerge such as giu, moosheep, large insects, etc..

Fuga: Melodies of Steel[]

  • 1000 years ago (41st Century AD) - The events of Fuga occur.
    • One half of Jeanne learns to communicate through radios and creates a fake legend that influences Shvein Hax.
    • The Berman Empire invades the Free Lands of Gasco.
    • Jeanne and the Taranis are fully reactivated.
    • Many Caninus and Felinekos are subjected to forced labor and Doktor Blutwurst's sadistic experiments.
    • A significant amount of Felinekos from Mau are drained of their lives and killed to power Bio-Energy batteries.
    • The Tarascus is reactivated due to Jeanne's vengeance.
    • Hax reawakens Vanargand and destroys Gasco, creating an archipelago.
    • Malt Marzipan and the other children manning the Taranis put an end to both Hax and Vanargand, saving the land.
    • Gasco is renamed Shepherd in honor of Malt.
    • The Gasco Army and the Berman sign an armistice that popularizes the use of the Berman's best technology, airships.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2[]

  • Approx 999 years ago - The events of Fuga 2 occur
    • Five of the twelve children who previously saved Shepherd are trapped within the Taranis by an unknown force.
    • Malt, along with the five remaining children & the Gasco Army, manage to resurrect the Tarascus and enter a new war.

The Hundred Lilies War[]

  • 611 years ago (45th Century AD) - The Lilies War begins.
    • Wolves begin to appear.
    • Shepherd is now named the Kingdom of Shepherd.
    • The Leo Tribe, an ancient and barbaric Felineko tribe, forcibly expand the Abyssina Empire.

Birth of the Robo[]

  • 537 years ago (46th Century AD) - Robo development begins.
    • The Wolf Tribe begins to emerge.
    • The Wolf Tribe seeks out to help the oppressed Caninu race by finding ways to ward off the Leo Tribe.
    • After the Wolf Tribe create a contract with Yulungur, their lives are exchanged for the Robo, thus making the wolf species nearly extinct.
    • Both the Leo Tribe and Caninu race face off, beginning the Battle of Mulberry.
  • 511 years ago - After the Lilies War.
    • The Leo Tribe is wiped out due to the Caninus utilizing the newly discovered Robos as war weapons.
    • The Abyssina Empire is successfully defeated and disappears.

Baion's Revival[]

  • 350 years ago (Early 48th Century AD) - Baion's cryogenic container is excavated by a group of miners.
    • A mysterious sky island appears, prompting a group of miners to investigate and excavate a sleeping Baion.
    • Baion awakens in an irregular state, not knowing his purpose/order.
  • 300 years ago - The events of "Ragdoll Elegy" occur.
    • Baion, following his instincts, arrives at Ragdoll.
    • Baion makes contact with the Robo Berius and recalls his purpose - Activating CODA.
    • Béluga Damiens' older sister, Terina, is chosen to be sacrificed to the Rite of Forfeit.
    • Béluga is inherited the medallion to seal Lares, physically stunting him at 18 years old.
    • Terina's life is abruptly cut short as Lares' seal begins breaking prematurely, causing Béluga to perform the ritual.
    • Baion sets all of Ragdoll aflame.
    • Béluga fights against Baion with the Salamander//009, yet he fails and earns an X-shape scar across his face.
    • Elh Melizée is inherited the medallion that seals Lemures, resulting her in becoming physically stunted at 14 years old.
    • Baion, after learning of and witnessing the constant wars and misery in this world, becomes increasingly more cynical.

War of Independence[]

  • 148 years ago (Early 50th Century AD) - The War of Independence begins in the Kingdom of Shepherd.
    • Felinekos living in former Abyssinan territories start a revolution against the highly oppressive Shepherd occupants.
  • 144 years ago - Rise of Abyssina.
    • The revolutionary Felinekos manage to reclaim their territory and declare it as the Federation of Abyssina.

Shepherd Revolution[]

  • 130 years ago - The Shepherd Revolution begins.
    • Kingdom of Shepherd's royalty begins to falter.
    • Felineko revolutionaries are inspiring a resistance movement.
  • 127 years ago - The Shepherd Republic is established.
    • Shepherd's royalty is ultimately overthrown.
    • The Kingdom of Shepherd is now known as the Shepherd Republic.

The First Incantation War[]

  • 124 years ago - The First Incantation War begins.
    • Abyssina rallies its people into war with a disarrayed Shepherd, invading numerous areas.
    • Darian Balas loses his position as Shepherd's leader after offering Abyssina land as a means of ending the conflict.
    • A commanding officer named Nable Preutz manages to make Abyssina temporarily retreat, a victory that inspired Shepherd's people to enlist into the military.
    • After being put into another retreat by Nable, the Abyssinans turn on their government.
    • A new prime minister is chosen and makes peace with the Shepherd Republic.
  • 121 years ago - The First Incantation War ends.
    • Shepherd is given compensation and ownership of the island of Millefe.
    • Nable is lauded as a hero and becomes Shepherd's head of state as "Nable I".

The Second Incantation War[]

  • 56 years ago - The Second Incantation War begins.
    • The Felinekos of Millefe's tolerance reaches a boiling point after decades of severe mistreatment and the slaughter of a young boy.
    • The Felinekos violent revolt results in a destroyed Shepherd military base and the destruction of multiple Caninu homes & businesses.
    • Abyssina attempts to invade Shepherd.
    • Nable IV is killed in action.
    • Due to multiple casualties and a weak army, Abyssina begins conscripting its civilians to the front lines.
  • 42 years ago - The Second Incantation War ends.
    • Pyrenees Hugo is placed as Shepherd's new commander-in-chief.
    • Shepherd narrowly wins the war.
    • Both Abyssina and Shepherd begin work on diplomatic relations, with the countries downsizing their militaries and focusing on inward politics.
    • Hunters begin to appear.

Before Solatorobo and Tail Concerto[]

  • 14 years ago - Cacao Gelato breaks up with his girlfriend Croix.
  • 13 years ago - Croix runs away from home with a newborn Chocolat Gelato and works at an orphanage.
  • 12 years ago - Cacao joins the Kurvaz and meets both Bruno Dondurma and Québec. They are the only three members at this time.
  • 11 years ago - Hybrid production begins.
    • Merveille Million and Baion begin creating Hybrids. Hundreds are made throughout a single year, which includes both failures and successful specimens.
    • The events of "Bitter Rain" occur.
      • Cacao is killed by Nuga.
      • Québec is shot in both his right eye and leg by Nuga.
    • The Hunter Federation is established.
  • 10 years ago - Carmine escapes from the Hybrid Facility.
    • Carmine manages to get out with his Robo, the ZAHAK-AZI07.
    • Alongside Carmine is Quynne, another Hybrid escapee. The two go their separate ways after Carmine is given a Caninu disguise.
    • Carmine arrives at the orphanage.
    • Opéra Kranz's parents go missing in an airship accident.
    • Alicia Pris' father passes away.
    • Waffle Ryebread meets Alicia.
  • 9 years ago - Red Savarin escapes from the Hybrid Facility with Merveille's assistance.
    • Red ends up in the same orphanage as Chocolat.
    • Rouge and Vermillion pursue Rose.
    • Rose manages to escape from the Hybrid Facility.
    • The events of "9071 Morning Sacrifice" occur.
      • 9071 escapes from the Hybrid Facility in a feeble state.
      • Elh sacrifices 9071 to the Rite of Forfeit.
  • 8 years ago - Rose and Carmine meet.
  • 7 years ago - Carmine and Rose depart to Abyssina.
    • Carmine hands down his Asmodeus to Red and Chocolat.
  • 4 years ago - Merveille joins the Kurvaz.
    • Merveille is gradually promoted from her technical advisor position to a higher position.
  • 3 years ago - Red becomes a Hunter
    • Québec leaves the Kurvaz

Tail Concerto[]

  • Approx. 1-2 years ago - The events of Tail Concerto are implied to occur around this time frame.
    • Fool tricks Alicia and her sisters to begin collecting the crystals that awaken the Iron Giant.
    • The trouble caused by the Black Cats Gang prompts the Prairie police force to task Waffle to go after them.
    • Fool manages to rob Alicia of her pendant which ends up being the final crystal to awaken the Iron Giant.
    • Alicia enters the Iron Giant in an effort to retrieve her pendant.
    • Prairia suffers damage from the Iron Giant's attack.
    • Waffle enters the Iron Giant in order to save Alicia.
    • Waffle succeeds in deactivating the Iron Giant, saving Alicia and all of Prairie.
    • Fool survives and falls into Prairie's lowermost island.
    • The Pris sisters are reprimanded for their crimes.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter[]

This section is still under construction

  • 1 year ago (51st Century AD)- The events of Solatorobo occur.
    • Just before the game's story, "Overture 'Movement 0'" takes place.
    • Elh hops aboard the Hindenburg in order to retrieve her medallion stolen by the Kurvaz.
    • Earthquakes begin disrupting Shepherd.
    • Red & Chocolat take on a job to retrieve a stolen confidential file from the Hindenburg.
    • As he comes in contact with the medallion, Red becomes the next chosen sacrifice to the Rite of Forfeit.
    • Lares reawakens and begins the spread of Shades.
    • Red manages to save a knocked out Elh from the falling Hindenburg.

Currently Unchronicled Events[]

  • ??? - The "Maestro's" meddling with the events of Fuga
    • The self-proclaimed Maestro pits the children of Fuga through numerous timelines/simulations, some being skewed from the original timeline
    • A mysterious Caninu man resembling Carmine spares Malt from a gruesome sacrifice via a Dummy Sacrifice

Sky Island Countries[]

Ltb map

A general overview of the current Little Tail Bronx map



  • The series is primarily inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, specifically their films & shows Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, Sherlock Hound, and Howl's Moving Castle.