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The Dahak MK2 (ダハーカ Mk2) is the upgraded form of Red Savarin's Dahak-AZI03 in the Solatorobo game.


After Red's Dahak-AZI03 was destroyed by Nero and Blanck. Merveille Million repaired and overhauled it with a new white body frame, extended its parameters to support Red's tranceformation, also being able to shift into 5 different modes (changed in the game menu).

  • Type S: The MK2's default mode where its combat capabilities are greatly enhanced from its previous version. Its special moves are the Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング) and the Hyper Driver.
  • Type R: The MK2's speed mode. More fragile than other modes, it can however dash at faster speeds. Its special move is the Hyper Dash (ハイパーダッシュ).
  • Type G: The MK2's defense mode. It is slower than the others but can parry attacks with its arms.
  • Type C: The MK2's power mode. It has the ability to grab enemies from longer distances, and lifts them more easily.

Four more modes can be purchased in NG+ in the Duel Ship's deck: each one (SX, RX, GX and CX) is an upgraded version of the precendent modes. Ultimately the Dahak Omega is unlocked in NG++(same place). It owns all the abilities of the MK2's different versions, and all its stats are increased by 5.