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This article contains Fuga: Melodies of Steel spoilers, continue at your own risk.

The Berman Empire is the fascist regime featured in Fuga: Melodies of Steel. The empire is home to the game's main antagonists. The country of Berman, before the Reset, was previously Germany.


Located northeast of Gasco, Berman is a new country united 10 years ago. An ambitious military state with a powerful army operating under a unified ideology, they use high-tech weaponry to expand their territory by conquering neighboring countries. The majority of Gasco is overtaken almost in an instant by the sheer enormity and overwhelming power of this army. Their true motive, at least in Shvein Hax's case, for wanting to capture Gasco is to reawaken the Titano-Machina named Vanargand.

The empire was lead by an unknown emperor and its army was in full control of Shvein Hax. While their original intention was to reclaim land they had lost, Hax instead puts all of their military assets into mainly taking over Paresia to seek Vanargand and claim himself a god-like status. The army was also tasked to enslave Gasco's inhabitants into mining out Tarascus and killing a massive amount of Felineko in order to create Bio-Energy batteries out of their Nono.

In order to keep up the war in numbers, the Berman would resort to using child soldiers. The most notable of them is Britz Strudel who was forced to join after the army executed his father. The Berman had also used the life of his mother and sister as blackmail, showing that they will go far and beyond to keep members loyal to their cause.

Berman was the most advanced empire of the time. They were the first to create highly advanced airships for both transportation and war. When Gasco became the an archipelago of sky islands, the Gasco Army immediately went to the now crumbling Berman Empire for assistance to adjusting to this new life.


The majority of the empire was comprised of Doberman Caninus with nearly every single member having cropped ears and docked tails. There were very few exceptions to this, such as Doktor Blutwurst being a Felineko and Generals Von Baum & Von Stollen not being Dobermans. Felinekos were extremely oppressed and very often persecuted and/or killed both in Berman and during the Gasco invasion. Besides Blutwurst, no other Felinekos were left unharmed during their reign nor were any others in such a high position.

It appears that Dobermans who had not cropped their ears nor dock their tails were also terrorized into submission, with Britz and his remaining family being prime examples. Taking everything into consideration, it's clear that Berman was aiming for a very specific Doberman ethnostate.

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  • The name "Berman" is derived from the empire's most dominant race of Caninu, the Doberman.
  • The army was originally going to be comprised of reptilian soldiers before the lead character designer was reminded that Little Tail Bronx's world is only populated by cats and dogs.[1]