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Airedale is one of the Shepherd Republic's sky islands and was originally a part of the Free Lands of Gasco's single continent.


Airedale was originally a nickname for the Province of Dale, a wide prairie in the Free Lands of Gasco. In that time the area was home to many windmills and had some civilization before the Berman Empire invaded & destroyed much of the landscaping. During this time, Dale was also home to the Basenji Wastelands, a much more arid and untouched piece of land that became occupied by the Berman. After the awakening of Vanargand the continent was broken apart into an archipelago, resulting in Dale becoming what is now modern-day Airedale.

Modern Airedale is home to upper class residents of Shepherd as well as a hub for mechanics & airship workers. The most common occupation in the area is shipment duties, with workers sending out large iron crates very frequently.


  • The name is derived from the dog breed "Airedale Terrier".